Activists blockade Seattle port to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling plans


For the second time in three days, Seattle is the vibrant center of the global climate movement. On Saturday, hundreds of “kayaktivists” took to the water to protest the recent arrival of a Shell oil drilling rig. On Monday, hundreds of activists blocked road traffic to the port where the rig is stationed, preventing the majority of port workers from getting to their jobs.

The immediate target of protest is Shell’s Polar Pioneer rig, which arrived in Puget Sound last Thursday. Shell intends to use Seattle as a staging ground for oil drilling operations in the Arctic. Activists are concerned about the high potential for spills and accidents in the remote, icy area off the Alaska coast, but they’re particularly outraged that Shell plans to drill for oil in the melting Arctic. Climate scientists have said Arctic oil must stay in the ground if we’re to prevent the worst…

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